Friday, January 15, 2016

Sneaker Commuters

So I get on my train to work every day at 8:57, which means I leave my apartment about 8:30 to walk to the train station, which means I'm in the middle of the crowds of people commuting to work in the heart of Edinburgh. On my first day, I immediately noticed a funny trend of women wearing sneakers to work. They're not like fancy pretty sneakers, literally they're gym sneakers or running shoes. And they wear them so confidently with their black skirts and tights. It's amusing, but also reflects something I like about this place: people don't have as much pretense. There's a certain honesty and straightforwardness that I've observed in the people I've met. I feel like there's a greater acknowledgement and acceptance that we, as human beings, tend to be flawed and a consequent acceptance that we don't need to try to create an image that we are. It's okay to wear sneakers if they make more sense for a long commute and it's okay that they don't look perfectly put together with the rest of the outfit. Do what works.

So this morning I was running late and I was reaching for my leather boots but grabbed my sneakers instead. It did in fact make for a quicker, more comfortable walk up Leith Walk to Prince's street. But then, naturally, my train was cancelled, so in the hour while I waited for my next train I went shoe shopping. Some things just aren't mean to be.

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