Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blogging My Way through the UK

So there's been this trend in my life where I blog better when I'm in Europe. Maybe because there are more adventures. Maybe because there are more mishaps. Maybe because it takes me so long to get over jet lag and if I'm up at 6 and the sun doesn't rise until 8:45, I might as well drink tea and write a blog post. At any rate, I'm back.

My latest adventure is an internship in Edinburgh. I'm working in the office of Angela Constance, an MSP and the Scottish secretary of Education. I haven't met her yet, but from everything I've read she's super cool and super fierce, It's just starting up, so I'm not entirely aware what all the job will entail just yet, but the job description is basically writing stuff and researching stuff and I like all that. Basically, I'm here, I know nothing, and I am so excited.

Until next time, I'll try to stay #CleanForTheQueen

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