Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A List of Five

A few days ago google emailed me about renewing my blog thing. It was at this moment I remembered I have a blog. I have a small collection of various drafts I started but never finished and before I knew it I hadn't blogged in a month. I'm okay with that, actually. But here's a brief summary in pictures of my life since memorial day weekend.

1. My plotting to move to Moab continues. 
I went to Moab with a group of my mission friends. We all crammed in a Suburban (#Utah) and drove down in pouring rain. It turned out to be a terribly wonderful weekend with perfect weather and all kinds of reminiscing about that wonderful little country across the sea. We spoke Russian and English and mixed them together the way I still do in my head all the time, but can't do aloud anymore. We spent a whole Saturday among the beautiful red rocks of Arches and it was perfect.

2. I regretted buying a chicken.
My darling roommate Ali broke up with her boyfriend of 14-months. In an effort to make her happier and in a stupidly impulsive move, we bought a chick at Thanksgiving point for $2. She named him Ca$hMoney and he chirped all night and pooped way more than you would think a tiny chick could. He was also impossibly fluffy and pretty darn sweet when he shut up and fell asleep inside my pocket. We pretty much all immediately realized it had been a mistake (I think the lady at Thanksgiving point realized that the moment she saw the 4 of us) so after a couple days, we gave him away. So that's how I realized I am so not ready for children. (As if I didn't know that already). 

3. School was easy so I went to the cabin a lot.
BYU has proved not too difficult (the fact that it's spring term and I'm in 2 English classes probably helped that), which is occasionally disappointing/frustrating, but mostly just really nice because it means I have this immense balance in my life where I can go to the cabin or go hiking or really do anything at any time because I'm on top of the work I do have and even then it's not all that difficult. (Last week I got a 100% on a paper for the first time since high school and the only feedback the professor gave me was #nailedit). So this is a picture of me and my friends on the RAZR at the cabin and a selfie I took with my horse the first time I saw him after my mission.

4. I got into the NBA finals.
Okay, so really I just have a real crush on Steph Curry and his adorable family. But me and my Tevas even made it to the Warriors Victory Parade in Oakland this Friday and although the highlight of that was probably the Ukraine colored confetti falling from the sky, seeing the Warriors was pretty cool too.

5. I spent this weekend in Oakland visiting Winnie.
If you don't remember Winnie, she's my best friend from Swat. She just graduated but isn't working yet, so we had a great weekend to just play play play. It was great, because when you haven't seen someone in two years, there's always the fear that too much has changed and you've just grown apart. But Winnie and I are totally still good friends, which really means something after two years. It was so phenomenally fun to spend the weekend with her. I literally just can't even describe what a good weekend it was. Here's a picture of the two of us us at the Golden Gate Bridge on a surprisingly clear day (clear in that you can actually see the bridge).

We went to Santa Cruz for a windy and beautiful beach day. For father's day we went on this beautiful hike through the Muir woods and beyond to Stinson beach. I do love a good hike. We went out for my first ever real dim sum. They ordered in Chinese and everything they ordered was delicious. One of the things that I definitely learned in Ukraine was to eat the food placed in front of me without questions or fear and that was a skill that was definitely rewarded this weekend. We ate tons of real Chinese food and it was all so darn good! Lots of the time they spoke this great mix of English and Chinese that made me smile. It reminded me of the sugic we always spoke as missionaries.

Speaking of missionaries, today Winnie and I went on an eating tour of San Francisco that culminated in dinner at a Russian restaurant! I literally just ordered all my favorite Ukrainian foods: borsch, vinigarette salad, olivie salad, potato vareniki, cheese vareniki, and napoleon cake. I'm sitting in the airport now, and my hand luggage is definitely a bag of left overs and I cannot wait to get home and share them with my family. That food tasted like home and made me miss Ukraine so much that it hurts.

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