Monday, May 25, 2015


Of the past three weekends, I've spent two in Moab, which is probably why my new car now has over 2,000 miles on it. 

The first time we came down, we did so because Sam and I went skydiving. When we were in Hawaii, I decided I wanted to go skydiving. A few days later, Lorin jokingly sent me a groupon with an awesome deal, but then I actually bought it and I think it was less funny to him then. So Sam and I went skydiving. It was a little place down in Moab and we both got sick in the little, bumpy airplane up. The actual skydiving part was way fun and not even scary. Sam threw up in the air because of airplane motion sickness. Other than that, though, it was excellent.

Also, while we were in Moab we climbed to delicate arch, because that's like an obligatory thing to do in Moab. Judy could barely keep up with Sam and I, but she's 73, so that's probably okay. (After all, we get into the parks for free with her sweet golden age national park pass). We had to hurry her along, because it was threatening to rain. We made it to the car and 2 minutes later the rain started. It was a great little hike.

We were down this week with the whole family. It's been a great weekend. We went on a beautiful hike in Canyonlands. Shayna has become my mini-me and we have a good time together.

Lorin couldn't hike because his back is so bad (don't worry, he's getting surgery tomorrow and hopefully that'll make it better) so he brought his Polaris RZR down to go off-roading. He insisted that I drove a loop called Fins N Things. It was only somewhat horrifying. I've discovered I very much do not like off-roading. I have like an intense physiological reaction to the stress it puts on me. I'll stick to driving my Sub, thank you very much.

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