Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday evening in Texas

I'm in Texas right now, visiting family and such. My little cousin got baptized yesterday. She insisted on drawing the cover for the program. I love that.

Right now my parents are sitting in the kitchen with my neurobiologist uncle Jason who is trying to explain his research to them. There is a lot of talk about synapses and receptors and transmitters. I just heard them say "post-synaptic membrane" and now they are talking about "gabba A and gabba B receptors" and which are "inhibitory". Lorin and Judy have one son who's an educational psychologist and one who's a neurobiologist and they are both trying to figure out how humans learn. They also have a daughter who just wants to read poetry. 

Texas is pretty nice and stuff. There's a trampoline at this house and I have greatly enjoyed it. I can sort of do a flip. As long doing a flip doesn't necessitate ending on my feet, but can end with me landing on my butt. I still count it as a flip. 

Whenever I miss Ukraine, which is often, I eat beet salad. I think Ukraine tastes like beets. That sweet but slightly earthy taste and the funny pink color somehow just pull me across the Atlantic back to the world of rolled Rs and a pretty cyrillic alphabet and small dirty buses we took everywhere. I mostly miss my friends, but sometimes I miss the place, too. I want to go back. Maybe next summer?

I don't really know what I want to do when I grow up. BYU is dumb and won't let me double major in nursing and English. I am dumb and insist on majoring in English. So I guess my plan right now is to go to BYU and major in English and get a minor in women's studies (which BYU doesn't call gender studies because they are far behind the times) and take tons of pre reqs and hopefully graduate by December 2017. Then go to grad school and do an accelerated nursing program (which is a 16 month bachelors in nursing) which flows immediately into a midwifery program. Hopefully up in Portland up at OHSU, because I've always dreamed of living in Portland and they have kind of the perfect program for me. But who knows. Maybe I'll get an MFA. Or get married. (but actually I am 20 and not ready to sail on that ship).

I think it's time for school to start. I've officially had too much vacation time.

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