Saturday, April 18, 2015


I bought a car. Or, I should say, Lorin bought me a car. Either way, I now have a car and a car loan.

(don't worry, it's not a serious car loan. Lorin just thought it would be good for me to start building credit).

My car is named Delilah. It's a new Subaru outback in this lovely twilight blue color. That's right, homegirl now drives a sub. Next step is to stop shaving my armpits. (Not actually going to happen). I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but here's one I found on the internet.

The best thing about my new car is that it has all these features built for fools like me who can't really drive. If there's an object in front of you, it will break for you so you don't run into it. It has "adaptive cruise control" which means it sees the car in front of you and adjusts speed to keep a certain distance between you and them. It beeps if you start to drift our of your lane (or change lanes without signaling). It beeps at you if you're at a red light and the light changes and the car in front of you goes but you don't notice because you're texting. And, unlike my previous ridiculously powerful cylinder engine Lexus, it has a nice little engine that gets a combined 28 MPG. So basically it's perfect.

Road trip anyone?

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