Monday, March 30, 2015

Russians on the beach

On my inter-island flight last week, I sat in a 3 person row. Sitting next to me was a couple speaking a foreign language. I eavesdropped and was like "hey that sounds like my mission." Russians. Turns out they were from St. Petersburg. We talked the whole plane ride. Then this week sitting on the beach, there was another family speaking Russian on the lounge chairs next to me. They were from Moscow. I love finding Russians on the beach. It is the best.

Today was screw the diet and catch up on American food day. It included macaroni and cheese, popcorn, root beer, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I have no regrets.

Lorin made the mistake of emailing me a groupon for skydiving in Moab. So Sam and I are going skydiving in May. I have never done groupon before and am afraid that I have embarked on a dangerous and expensive journey. I've been really, really good about not online shopping since coming back, but I think I may be a groupon sucker.

Judy and I went hiking in the forest this week. There was a huge ruckus through the trees and we got a glimpse of a huge black wild boar!  Fortunately, it ran away, because you don't really stand a chance if it charges you. After it was gone, I realized that my reaction to the boar was to grab Judy by the shoulders and hold her in front of me so she was between me and the boar. As in, that was literally what I did. So that was pretty shameful. Danger! Use grandma as a human shield!

We went whale watching and it was the best ever. It's baby whale season! We saw two of them and it was awesome. One of them was a newborn. You could tell because it still had white marks all over it from being curled up inside its mother's uterus. The babies were super playful and jumped and flapped their tales all over the place. It was awesome.

Yesterday, we went to a sushi restaurant. At the end of dinner, Judy opened her purse and realized she'd forgotten her wallet. So I sat at the restaurant as "collateral" while Judy went to get her money. But we'd walked over (since we are obsessed with our fitbits) so it took a while. After 20 minutes the waiter came over and whispered, "I'm sorry, but can I ask you to move to the waiting area. We need this table for a reservation." I don't know why he whispered, but I think he thought it was less shameful. Judy finally showed up and he rung her card. As he handed it back, he said, "don't forget your card." We went to get ice cream next door. It cost $11.02. Judy opened her wallet and realized that she had $10.77 cash and had left her card at the restaurant. They said they'd take the quarter out of the tip jar and call it a day. So that's the story about how Judy forgot her money for dinner twice in one hour.

We almost ran out of gas on the way to church today.

We go home on Tuesday night. No trip to Hawaii is ever long enough.

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