Monday, March 2, 2015


I'm not sure if I want to keep blogging. It's kinda something I'm still deciding. But today, I'm sick, I don't want to watch any more TV (I watched 2 seasons of Downton last week), and it's Monday, my email day, so I'm going to go ahead and blog.

I've spent the last two weeks spending time with all the people I love (including some long-overdue alone time). It's been great. I love talking about my mission. I haven't been awkward or weird. It's not been hard to adjust. I've enjoyed myself. And whenever I've talked with someone, the question I've eventually been asked is: "so what are your plans?"

Immediate plans include getting on a plane to Hawaii tomorrow and not coming back until March 31. While there, I plan to enjoy the 3 mile running loop, to catch up on all the books I missed on my new kindle, and to skype as many people in Ukraine as I possibly can. In April, I've got a cool little job-thing lined up, working for an awesome family. Also, I plan to buy a Subaru in the near future.

I decided a couple months ago that I want to be a midwife when I grow up. I decided to be a midwife because I loved being a missionary. I loved being part of women's lives, and fostering relationships with them while practically helping them and working towards something. That's what midwives do. Midwifery is flexible and can fit into literally any kind of life I end up having. I can be a midwife pretty much anywhere in the world. I can work how much or how little I want to. It's perfect.

The decision to be a midwife requires a nursing degree, then a graduate nursing degree in midwifery. Which meant Swat was out of the picture because they have no nursing program. I'd actually been feeling for several months that I needed to leave Swat and go to BYU, but I didn't understand why until I decided I wanted to be a midwife. So I transferred to BYU. So I start down there April 28. I'm planning on pursuing a double degree in nursing and English (because I just can't give up English just yet), which will require like 18-20 credits per semester for the next couple years, but I think I am up for it.

I'm a little nervous to start college again. I've got 18 credits for the spring/summer semester, which will be no easy walk in the park, especially since spring I'm taking two writing-intensive English classes that I'm hoping will whip me into shape after 2 years without writing college papers. I have to take Freshman English, but I'm taking it from my awesome 10th grade English teacher, so that will be fun, I think. It's a little scary, but it will be good.

Spring/summer I'm going to live with my good friend since 2nd grade, Sydney! She's the one who picked me up at the MTC curb two years ago, and I can't wait to live with her. Then in the fall, I'm going to live with my best companion, Sister Welling (whose real life name is McCall, but I'm still getting used to that). I'm excited to live with them.

And last night, I had a dream that a cowboy from Omaha asked me out. So maybe I'll run away with a cowboy after all.

All the love, nonetheless.

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