Sunday, March 22, 2015

A list of ten

10. We got kicked off the beach on Wednesday because there was a shark attack

9. It's been decided that I'm the only "true Pugh" in the family, because I'm the only one who actually likes nice things like Lorin and his siblings and his parents all do. 

8. My feet are still in not-so-pretty-after-the-mission mode, but lately I've been loving how they look so small and tough.  

7. I'm thinking I'll stop eating meat again, because it's so bad for the environment. But I don't really the "vegetarian" label. Also, I'm thinking I might like only eat meat on Wednesdays or something like that, because Chinese food.

6. BYU is insisting that I take freshman English, because apparently my Swat seminars just don't compare to BYU freshman English. grrrr

5. I spoke in church today even though I'm totally a visitor. I'm still not sure how that ended up happening. Last night I went to sleep having not really written my talk. I modified my homecoming talk a little and it worked fine.

4. It was cloudy yesterday and so I didn't want to wear sunscreen. I got burned like a lot.

3. I've sporadically added to a short "future husband must-have qualities" list over the past year. The first thing on the list is He must be cool with me driving the majority of the time. 

2. I SAW A BABY BE BORN THIS WEEK. (I went to Honolulu to visit some family friends, who's a doctor and is awesome and arranged for me to shadow all day at the hospital.) Once it was over I was like Yeah, that was incredible. I could totally see myself doing this for the rest of my life. 

1. I think this is my favorite picture from my mission. Can you tell how much I adore her?

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