Monday, February 2, 2015

18-month mark!

Saturday was my 18-month mark on my mission. WHAT. I know, that flew by. I feel like it's been 7 months. A year and a half sounds soooo long, but really it wasn't long at all. So good. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that means the next two weeks are overtime, so I get like time-and-a-half blessings, right? haha. No. I'm super glad I still get two weeks more. It's more like a Christmas bonus than overtime. Anyway.

Saturday was the best day. Ira's husband Maxim got baptized! We got to go to the baptism and it was just an awesome baptism. They're a great couple. Ira spoke and even though it was in Ukrainian and I didn't understand it all, I was so proud of her. She said, "today, it seems to me that everything is in it's place." And that summed it all up beautifully.

One of the fun things about having a companion who is new(er) in the mission (she's been out 5 months) is that you get to do things for the first time. This week I took her tracting for her first time. She was nervous and not all about it. But she enjoyed it in the end. She's awesome.

There's this American family who lives in our ward and come here even thought they don't speak a ton of Russian because the international ward is too far away. We went over to their house for FHE on Monday and it was so... American. I also bought a pair of jeans this week. So that's the update in the "preparing to come home" front.

We had a cool little experience with our investigator Ludmila this week. We gave her the Book of Mormon and randomly gave her 2 Nephi 29 to read. It's the first time in my mission I've given that chapter as a first reading, but that's how it happened. The next day we called her to see how it went. She said, "well, you know I live in a hostel with other people from Lugansk. When I brought my book home they all criticized me for it and said 'why another Bible? The Bible is sealed. You can't write any more scripture.' but I read anyway. And it was such a miracle, the Book itself answered their questions. The chapter was all about the Bible and the Book of Mormon." So that was a very neat little moment. Missionary work is the coolest.

All the love,

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