Monday, January 19, 2015

Meat Jello

Well, I finally had my run in with the worst of Ukrainian food. It's called holodets. It is meat jello. Literally. I've been fed it from time to time, but always on the table with masses of other food, so I've been able to get away with "I'll just try it." But yesterday, we visited this rockstar babuska. She's 77 and super bright and funny and awesome. We finished our lesson and she was like "and now I want to feed you really, really well." This was followed by two ENORMOUS plates of meat jello. I ate it all (mostly without chewing, obviously) and I'm pretty sure I get extra missionary points for that.

My companion talks in her sleep in Russian. Not the normal mumbling sleep talk, but genuine conversational tone, clearly formed words and sentences sleep talking. It is adorable and I love her for it. 

We met with a member this week who was just telling us about herself and such. (We've been doing that a lot since we're both new to the area and we know no one and no one knows us). She told us how she got baptized 20 years ago. Her husband was a sailor so she waited a few months for him to come back so they could be baptized together. She talked about how nerve-wracking those few months were for her, because she was very worried she wouldn't have time to get baptized before the Second Coming. I find that completely endearing and adorable. 

I spent an entire language study this week reading old letters people have sent me (yes, I know that is not actually langauge study). It made my day. Thank you all for the many letters and such. I also finished Jesus the Christ for the second time this year. I love that book. There's just so much good there. 

We were on the metro this week and it was like 4 and so we were understandably kinda sleepy... we both fell asleep. We weren't sitting next to each other, because on the metro there are never seats next to one another. I woke up one stop after our official stop and ran off at the next one to get back. Sister Pugachova woke up two stops later. Luckily, since we are leadership we both have our own phones (that could be another paragraph in and of itself; having my own phone is SO WEIRD and kinda like pseudo preparation for coming home), so we called each other and met up and all was well. But it was a weird 20 minutes sitting alone in the metro station. So weird. 

I was at the office this week and I saw Mama Gorbach from Chernigov! She gave me a huge literally-lifted-me-off-the-ground hug and it was adorable. I adore that woman. I know way too many good people.

There's an English school who has a subway advertisement campaign where they but a big English word, a picture, and a Ukrainian translation on the little add. I know what like a sixth of the English words mean and it makes me feel dumb. But my English vocabulary is growing, so that's a positive!

As everyone has taken to reminding me, I come home in slightly less than a month. But I had a wonderful moment this week when I realized that's okay. I was standing by the window, eating an apple, staring out at the rainy streets of Kyiv and I realized it's all going to be okay. We have so much good stuff going on here, and we're seeing miracles up the wazoo, and it's alright that I'm coming home soon. I feel peaceful about it. It was just a moment where I felt "it's good that I am where I am" in like all aspects of everything. It was sweet.

All the love,

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