Monday, November 10, 2014

Fever Medicine and Cat Food

This is going to have to be a quick one... so many letters and so little time.

First of all, I found out this week that a billion in English is not the same thing as a billion in Russian. In English, a billion is a thousand million. In Russian, it's a million million. So that's confusing. And possibly worse than the metric system, because that I've gotten used to. Actually, not sure I know how to tell the weather in farenheit anymore. Speaking of weather, it's been way warm here and that is fabulous. It got up to like 15 degrees yesterday.

We went to a restaurant this week that I'm pretty sure is straight out of America. It was so classy and I felt like I was a trio. We got steak and that was the first steak I've eaten in over a year and it was incredible. Plus, it was only like 7 dollars! One good thing about the war is crazy inflation that makes everything cheap. When I got here it was 8grn per dollar and now it's like 13 or something. Anyway, that was fun.

Remember our babushka who wouldn't stop drinking coffee? She stopped drinking coffee! One of the best members in this branch, Mama Gorbach, came on a lesson with her and bore testimony/threw down a little bit on here. Yesterday we saw here and she was like "I haven't even wanted to drink coffee since I talked to her. It's like she has an extra sense or something!" So that was awesome and she's excited to be baptized on the 22nd.

Another Mama Gorbach story. Last night we were at her house but I got sick (as happens). She gave me a big hug and was like "now do you feel better?" I was like "a little" and then she gave me another enormous hug and was like "how about now?" And I love her for that.

Tuesday night, one of our members called and asked if we could bring her fever medicine and cat food, because she was sick and her cat starving. I love being a missionary because it means I get those calls. Getting to help people with the little things is the best.

All the love,

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