Monday, October 20, 2014

Polka Dot Chameleon

We're sitting at the bishop's house for FHE. The 12-year old daughter is having me fill out one of those kids year book things where you tell everything about yourself. She's like tell me a secret. I point at one of the elders who was there with us about to say, "his first name is..." when she changes the quetion to "who do you love?" I was still pointing. And that is how I spent one of the most awkward FHE of my life getting teased by the entire family for liking the elder. 

In order to wrap up our companionship the right way, we impulsively dyed Sister Grandy's hair last week! I've never dyed anyone's hair. It turned out nice. 

Tuesday we went to the temple with one of Sister Grandy's best friends while she got her endownment and then was sealed. The whole temple ceremony was in Russian and for the first time I did it without earphones and totally understood it! It was awesome. Like I said last week, I love the Kyiv temple. 

Let's see.... Wednesday was one of the most terrible, odd days of my mission. I basically just visited all my favorite people and then stayed up until slightly after midnight packing. First stop was Katya, my favorite Relief Society president. How I love that woman. As I left she gave me a hug and was like "dress warm when it gets cold, okay?" And that's why I love her. Next we went to Ira's, who's one of my best friends in Ukraine. We had a good time with her then she gave the best letter anyone's sent me since I came on my mission. Then we went to Eva and her family's. Eva cried and I died a little bit inside, because she's basically family. We went to Tiam and her family, and I was kinda just distraught that I'll not get to see them, because they're some of the most incredible people I've met. And then we met with Angela, who I am so, so proud of. She told me she wants to serve a mini-mission once school's not going! So I basically said goodbye to all my favorite people in Ukraine in an 8 hour period. I'm pretty sure I couldn't even process it. 

And now I'm in Chernigov! I'm having funny deja vu with Zhytomyr. It's the same time of the year, the same weather, I don't know where anything is, and I'm in a beautiful, quiet litttle city with fall leaves all over the place. It's a little chilly, but life is good. The people are all characters and I love them already. Small branch life is so funny. Yesterday, during Sacrament Meeting someone refused to give their talk from the audience, the Sunday school teacher didn't show so my companion improv taught and RS was a full hour of argument intermingled with reading from the manual. There's something wonderful about baby branches. You've just gotta love them. They're just full of good, honest, striving people. Our branch president is a recent convert of March and he and his family are incredible. More about that next week.

Anyway, it's a time of adjustment for this little missionary. You know how you see funny cartoons of a polka dot chameleon against a striped background? I feel a little bit like that right now. But I'm adjusting and I'll be just fine in a little while. I always seem to end up in good places with good people. 

All the love,

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