Monday, October 13, 2014

Hot water and transfers

OUR HOT WATER CAME BACK ON THIS WEEK. The 3 month nightmare has ended. Ira leaned over to me yesterday in church and whispered "you endured to the end of not having hot water. Congrats." Okay, so I probably whined tons more than the whole situation merited to everyone who would listen, but, well, we all know I'm fairly high-maintenance. 

Not that it matters that much that we have hot water because on Thursday I'm shipping out for my transfer to Chernigov, and that apartment has a boiler! Anyway, while I'm super bummed to be leaving, I'm so excited to Chernigov. It's this tiny little pretty city. Basically, it's like Zhytomyr round two and I'm so excited about it. It's close to Russia and Chernobyl, too! Hahaha not that that actually matters. Anyway, it'll be great.

We had mission conference this week and Sister Welling came back and stayed with me the night before. best.thing.ever. I missed that fool and it was so good to see her. And at conference I saw my awesome trainer Sister Clark. She's going home in T-48 hours. Craziness. I will miss her. I've been so lucky to have incredible companions who I love so much. Lucky lucky lucky. 

After conference we went to the temple with Ira and Angela and Natasha (Eva's aunt). It was just awesome. I love the Kyiv temple! It was great to be there with them, because I just love them so much. They were so happy to be there and enjoyed it and want to go back. But who doesn't want to go back to the temple?

My favorite Relief Society President has agreed to adopt me. Just thought that was good news to pass on. 

We had the police called on us this week! The elders came to bring us a heater (because there's not a whole lot of heat due to the gas shortage) and brought one of the young men with them. While we were assembling it, he was playing with things in the hallway, including the electricity box. We were like "hey, don't do that!" but because we always joke with him, he kinda ignored us. Next thing I know our neighbors are out yelling at him. Turned out he'd flipped some switch he wasn't supposed to and they were not pleased with it. Anyway, the one neighbor overreacted and called the police over it. They showed up, slightly inebriated, and calmed everyone down and escorted the elders out after checking all our documents. Our neighbors asked us to please not invite such guests over any more. So that happened. 

I acquired the best souvenir ever this week. It's a Russian house wife manual from the 60s. "The book for every home for every day." So now I'll know how to be a Soviet house wife.

Anyway, church yesterday was so sad. Saying goodbye is just the worst thing ever. How about we never say goodbye?  KK. I've really loved my time in this ward and made some wonderful friends. How grateful I am for facebook and skype and email so that it's not a goodbye forever. I really do love these people and will miss them terribly. Transfers bite.

All the love,

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