Monday, October 6, 2014

72 hour kids

Well, like every other Kyiv missionary, I have to start my email by geeking out about the fact that our mission president spoke in General Conference on Saturday. If you missed it, click this. It was funny to watch because a HUGE majority of the things he said were verbatim things he told us in conferences and weekly letters. We were all like "well, good to know President hasn't changed." 

I passed my YEAR MARK in country on Thursday. Is that insane or what? It's nuts. I can't even believe I've been here this long. Especially because a handful of times we thought we were going to get sent home with the war and what not. 

At leadership council this week, President showed the Dustland Fairytale music video by the Killers and it was awesome. You know your mission president is kinda young when you're listening to rock music with him. That also happens to be my favorite Killers song, so it made me awfully happy. 

My branch president from Житомир has gone on a few dates with a girl in my ward and I played a good little joke on him. He gave us a present he bought on his vacation in Bulgaria so we could give it to her. I had the genius idea to buy a fake wedding ring and put it in the bag. But then I was like "no, that's too much." But I told her about it when I gave her the present. She started dying and was like "let's do it!" So she called him and was like "thanks for the present. I like the candy and the lotion, but I can't figure out, what's with the ring?" "......What ring?" "There's a really nice big ring here." ".....I didn't put a ring in there" "well, there's definitely a ring here. Usually when a boy gives a girl a ring he does it a little bit nicer." "I didn't give you a ring. Only Sister Pugh could have done this" "I doubt it, but I'll give you the ring tomorrow and we'll figure it out." She told him about it the next day and he pretty promptly called me, "I was up all night worrying about where the ring come from! I'm going to kill you!" But really he was way amused. 

I feel like that was not a very good recounting of the story, but just trust me that it was hilarious. I love them.

I was sick again this week. Ukraine is not agreeing with me this time of year.

There's a way cute little boy in our ward named Roham. His family is from Iran, and his parents don't speak Russian, so he learns it exclusively from his older sister (who incredibly has learned fluent Russian in 3 years.) Consequently, he always messes up the genders of words. Yesterday, we were teasing him that we were going to take his sister home with us and he grabbed her leg and yelled, "no, leave him!" We all died. Sometimes making tons of Russian mistakes is adorable. 

We just got a text that they're doing flu shots at zone conference this week. I HATE SHOTS. I didn't get one last year and was fine... probably fine this year, too? I hate being an adult and having the pressure to make responsible decisions. Can't I just not?

Also, remember how my apartment was inhabited exclusively by elders for over a year? We found this lovely pile of odd preservatives on a windowsill...

All the love,

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