Monday, September 22, 2014

Maria and the Pitbull

You know how sometimes teenagers love to teach little kids things that just sound funny and odd coming out of a kid's mouth? Example: give me all your money, sucker. Members here love to do that with us and Ukrainian. Not like terrible things, just things that are super amusing coming out of the mouth of an American who doesn't really know the language. This week's phrase was "дякую боже що я не москаль" or, in other words, "thank goodness I am not a Moscvite (Russian)." I'm like a puppy they teach to do funny tricks.

Does anyone remember how my last 6 months of high school I went through a phrase where I had baby dreams all the time? Like there were just lots of babies in my dreams, of whom I often had to take care? I've started having trunky dreams! I had a dream this week that I was frantically buying all the food for my homecoming. And then another dream that I was at Nordstrom trying on jeans then I bought an iPad instead. So that's super weird. I'm not actually trunky. I'm just the kind of person who's always about 18 steps ahead of myself and so I have to keep myself from  planning 6 months ahead this time, which is hard. 

We visited the funniest little babushka named Maria. She's 80 something and always manages to come to church. She kinda looks homeless - her clothes are kinda raggy and her hair's kinda stringy and she's like four and a half feet tall. Anyway, we went over to her house and she had the funniest dog. It was a 15-year old pit bull. The poor thing was crawling with arthritis and could barely walk. And she just loved it so much. She spent the first 10 minutes of our visit just talking about/to him. They were just a funny and adorable broken down old pair. 

I got sick this week. And I got to sleep a lot because of it. I know sometimes people are like "why does God let missionaries get sick if they're doing his work?" Let me tell you, He lets missionaries get sick so we do not collapse from exhaustion. I literally feel better than I have in like a month or two because for the first time in a while I'm not completely worn out. Sometimes, even getting sick is a blessing. 

Our landlord came over this week and told us he wants more money. Like way more than the apartment is worth. So we have to move out by the 30th. I've never been kicked out of an apartment before and I don't think I like it very much at all. We're just moving into the elders' apartment and they're moving in together. So at least there's no apartment hunting involved. Still no hot water, if you were wondering. 

I'm addicted to pancakes? Also, we ate 3 bars of white chocolate on an exchange this week. White chocolate is inexplicably really really good in Ukraine.

We had FHE with Eva and co. again this week. We made a gratitude box. While cutting some paper for the gratitude box, I accidentally cut myself with scissors. It was surprisingly deep and it bled a lot. They still invited us over for FHE tonight though! We also had a way fun day with Eva on Thursday. We came over and colored a Plan of Salvation map with her. Then took her to a  babushka's house to teach her the plan of salvation. We'd planned parts, but when we got there, Eva got really into teaching and taught the whole thing herself! She did it so well and it was so awesome. The babushka loved it, most importantly.

We were on a lesson with  Ira this week and I said something about "this is one of my favorite verses in the Book of Mormon." Apparently I say that a lot because she was like, "Pugh, half of the Book of Mormon is your favorite and the other half is too." It's true, I just love it. 

All the love,

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