Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ira gets baptized and a new apartment

Our landlord called last Monday night - "I need to come tomorrow morning with a photographer to photograph the apartment so that I can post it online." "Can't you come another day? It's pretty messy right now because we're packing." "No, it must be tomorrow." So we spent all of Tuesday morning cleaning. He shows up and his "photographer" is a woman with an iPhone. Ummmm. Okay. Anyway, he was really snarky about the whole moving thing. "You're going to be so cold in your apartment. I hope that you have bought new warm clothes and that when you're freezing you think of me fondly" Then he called like 15 minutes after he left and was like "you're new house is going to be so loud too, since it's a new dom, there are continually going to be remonts going on. If you want to change your mind, I'll wait for your call." We did not change our mind, but we did spend like 6 hours straight this week cleaning the stupid apartment. It is so darn clean. SO CLEAN. I did not like cleaning. But we have a way nice new apartment, so that's so good!

In the process of cleaning we realized we needed to clean the oven. And we were like "I have no idea how to clean an oven." So, of course, we called our bishop's wife and were like "Tanya! How do we clean an oven?" She explained it all to us and was like "hey, just come over and you can borrow my oven cleaner." It was just a way nice moment of being taken care of. Sometimes, missionaries need moms, too. I love that there are people I can rely on for help everywhere, even in my little Voskresensky ward in Kyiv.

At English class, we just had story time last week and it was so fun! One of our members who works at the international school Kindergarten brought in some English story books and we just read them for English practice. I felt like a teacher, but in an okay way. 

We have the world's best Relief Society president in this ward. I seriously love the woman so much. She's just a rockstar and gets it all done. Anyway, we called her this week to talk about something and I was like "how are you Katya?" She was like "I'm really tired." So we made cookies and ran over to her house. We ate borscht and cookies and just hung out for a few minutes. It was nice, because you're always slightly terrified when you drop by someone's house that they're going to be annoyed that you swung by unannounced. But she wasn't. Anyway, the short of it is that I love my Relief Society president so much.

So remember the awesome Ira who came to church the first time to a super intense discussion of the necessity of a temple sealing for an inheritance in the celestial kingdom? She got baptized this week! We went over to her house on Monday and talked and she was like "so when am I going to get baptized?" So we set it up for Friday. Remember how there's no hot water in Kyiv. It was a really really cold baptism, but she was a trooper about it. It was a way nice baptism and I am just so excited for her!

In Russian news, I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Russian this week! It was kinda a major accomplishment of sorts. I love reading Книга Мормона. I also had a way cool little experience this week where I had to write a talk for the baptism and was a little bit worried about it. Writing talks is just hard/frustrating for me in Russian because I never can say what I want to say in the way I want to say it. So I was way nervous about writing this talk, but I sat down and the talk just sort of wrote itself. It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had with Russian. Things just flowed and it was such a gift. I was so grateful.

Grateful. I've been really, really grateful this week. It's funny how gratitude really does make one happier (maybe the apostles are onto something.) I don't know, I've just felt really grateful for everything this week. Things are so, so, so good here and it is so lovely.

All the love,

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