Monday, September 15, 2014

Being an awkward pedestrian and other adventures in a very fun week

Remember how we made Eva's mom a birthday cake last week? Well, for my birthday Judy put some candles in the package so I brought them along and stuck them in the cake. We sang Happy Birthday (in English, because inexplicably all Ukrainians know that song even if they don't know anything else in English). Then her mom blew out the candles. Which immediately re-lit. They were all so shocked and baffled and amused. They blew them out again and again and they re-lit again and again. Turns out Judy sent me trick candles! Hahaha it made for a great surprise for everyone. It was a good birthday.

Yesterday, a family in our ward invited us over to their house after church. They live a little outside of Kyiv in the nicest house I've seen in Ukraine. This house is seriously straight out of Pepperwood. It was awesome. We played with the kids and jumped on the tramp with them. We even did flips! (In a skirt, but I kept it classy, don't worry). Granted, today we're both so sore from doing flips, and feel like babushkas over it, but whatever it was worth it. The really cool part of the afternoon was that they invited their friend and her son over. We had a first lesson with her sitting on blankets outside in the shade eating apples off their tree and it made my life complete. She's coming to church next week. 

It was actually just a way fun week. Saturday we had a picnic in the forest! We played American football and volleyball and ate sausages. And dressed in our street clothes! I was in jeans all day on Saturday and basically didn't know how to handle it. Here's a picture of me being an awkward pedestrian:

Our favorite investigator Ira got a puppy! It's a six week old German Shepard and it's the cutest darn thing in the whole world. It walks all awkwardly and I love it. It's definitely not trained at all though; we were at her house for an hour and there were two accidents in that span of time. So I'm glad it's not my puppy but that I can just enjoy playing with it on a weekly basis. Perfect set-up. 

Angela's doing awesome. She told us this week how she stood up in her university religion class and talked about the church for 15 minutes when the professor asked some question about it. She definitely wouldn't have done that when we first met her. It's so cool to see how much she's growing and changing and becoming a Mormon. I think I came on my mission thinking that people should be Mormons and then they can get baptized. But it's really not like that at all. There's so much growth and figuring things out that happens after baptism. 

I found John Freida conditioner this week in a store somewhere! So now my hair always smells like America. (I know that America does not actually smell like John Freida conditioner, but my hair now smells like it smelled in America and that's kinda insane). 

All the love,

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