Monday, September 8, 2014

A Dentist Visit and Other Ongoings

So I notoriously hate the dentist and hate feeling pain at the dentist. More than a few times in high school, I would run to the dentist during math and come back looking like a stroke victim because I asked the dentist to use a little extra Novocaine. I'm just really not a fan of tooth pain. Well, remember how I had a massive cavity? I went to the dentist this week. Obviously, I was pretty nervous, because I'm not a fan of American dentists, much less Ukrainian ones. But I was a big girl and didn't cry or anything. We get to the dentist and it's this way nice woman who doesn't speak a word of English. So with some pointing and creative explanations, I explained to her that I had a cavity and needed help. She looked at it and said she'd fix it. Then she pulled out a little vile of clear liquid and was like "have you ever used this before?" "I don't know, what is it?" "the shots dentists give so you can't feel anything" "oh, of course I've used that. We always use that in America." "Yeah, well, we're going to try not to use is. I'm going to be really careful and it'll be a little painful, but just endure." "Can we please use it?" "No." And that is the story of how I got two cavities filled without any Novocaine. It was terrible. I wait without patience my first visit to an American dentist. 

The dentist was in a cute little mall place. So afterwards I did what I do best and rewarded myself by shopping. Which is the story of how I bought Brave, Tangled, and Cinderella in Russian. After the mission, folks are going to be like "where's Hannah?" and the answer is going to be, "she's addicted to Disney cartoons in Russian."

Our landlord came this week. He promised that if we go to mid-October and they don't turn the hot water back on he'll buy us a boiler. And I'm like "oh great, transfers are October 14 and I'm probably leaving." I guess I can't complain too much if my worst war story from Ukraine is 3 months without hot water, seeing as other people have actual war stories. 

Speaking of Ukraine, there's been this funny thing happening where groups of teenagers/young adults have been paining all the fenced blue and yellow like the Ukrainian flag. Literally all over Kyiv, all the park fences, guard rails on the street, etc. have turned blue and yellow. It's kinda funny and awesome. I love Ukrainian pride.

We went on a mini-exchange in Brovary this week because one of the sisters there has a slightly broken back and her companion had some things she needed to do outside the apartment. So we got hot showers there (the lucky fools have a boiler!). Plus we had a way fun lesson. We met at the church in the morning and ate pancakes and watched a church movie with their investigator. It was one of the chillest but most spiritual little lessons I've been on. Sometimes, it's good to let things be easy.

There's this home-bound paralytic in our ward named Ghinadi who got baptized last year. How do you baptize a home-bound paralytic? The elders built a font in his living room, but that's a different story. Anyway, we try to visit him every once in a while and bring cookies or something. So we called and set up, but then when we showed up, he didn't answer the phone or and the door was locked and everything. I've been dogged a lot on my mission, but that was my first time being dogged by someone who can't leave their bed. (Don't worry, we went back a few hours later and found him home and gave him cookies and everything was fine.)

Eva was obsessed with these little 2 cent toys at the grocery store this week. It's all the rage among Ukrainian school children. And that was the moment when I realized I will be an absurdly indulgent parent. Because Sister Grandy spoke first and was like "Eva, be happy with what you have, you don't need more." But inside I was like "oh, it's less that two dollars. I'll buy you everything." And it ligit kinda killed me not to buy the stupid things for her. So I guess I need to work on that. Good thing I've got plenty of years before I have to cross that bridge. Eva's like my favorite. I legitimately feel like she's family. On Tuesday we sat in the kitchen and shared yogurt for dinner while she told me about her first day of school and it was just like "yep, this definitely feels like hanging out with Shayna and Lizzy." We're making cake with her for her mom's birthday today in an hour. She's the best.

All the love,

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