Monday, August 25, 2014

Independence Day

I HAVE A MASSIVE CAVITY. It is terrifying. I do not like the dentist, not one bit. When I first discovered the cavity I was like "I can wait six months! I'll just stop eating sugar." Which I did successfully. But then every time someone offered me sugar and I was like "I can't I have a massive cavity." They were like, "you fool, if you wait six months you'll lose your tooth." So finally I cowboyed up and called the doctor, who promised they do in fact have great dentists here in Kyiv. Which means I have a visit to the dentist in my near future. So there's that.

It finally cooled off! Including our not-heated water. Is it possible to get hypothermia from a shower? What are the symptoms of hypothermia? Will someone send that to me?

Remember my cutest little 9-year-old Eva? She got baptized Saturday. Tons of people came and it was a way cute little baptismal service. Eva spoke at the end about how excited she was that she was able to get baptized and that she didn't have to wait. I love that little girl with all my heart. 

Yesterday was Ukrainian Independence day! Which felt a little funny to be celebrating considering the war and what not. Anyway, everyone (including us, obviously) wore vyshyvankas to church and it was just darling. I learned how to say "happy independence day" in Ukrainian, so that made me a pretty popular little missionary. We had a HUGE ward lunch and ate Ukrainian food until we couldn't walk. Plus some American pancakes made by the missionaries. I think we literally made 85+ chocolate chip pancakes. They were pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I did all the dishes afterward. Is it weird that I'm pretty sure doing the dishes is how I relieve stress as a missionary? #haven'tseenadishwasherinoverayear

All the love,

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