Monday, July 28, 2014

Vyshyvanka Sunday

Sister Welling and I had some awesome last few days together. 

We went to this street called Andriyivskyy spusk (Russian is so funny in English letters). It's a tourist kind of spot in Kyiv. It was crazy to come out of the metro and see that place, because it was not like being in Ukraine. It felt like Europe. It was probably the first time in my 10 months in Ukraine that I've felt like I was legitimately in Europe (albeit Eastern). Sister Welling and I, both fairly well traveled, were in amazement and got all kinds of travel trunky. We're going to be travel buddies in some sort of after-mission life. Anyway, we bought all kinds of souvenirs, since pretty much neither of us have ever bought souvenirs in Ukraine. I bought a vyshyvanka, which is a traditional Ukrainian blouse, and some nesting dolls, among other things. So now I have souvenirs to prove this Ukraine thing was ligit. 

We also went to the temple with Angela, our cute recent convert from two weeks ago, to do baptisms! It was just pretty awesome to be there with her together. I love the Kyiv temple. Also, the temple showers had hot water, which was wonderful, because we're currently on day 19 without hot water and I'm kinda over it. Then again, I live in an apartment with a shower, and not all missionaries can say that, so I probably shouldn't be complaining. 

Our last night we stayed up way too late writing notes in each other's journals and whining about having to break up (again!) and just not really wanting it to be over. She's really one of my best friends. I miss her. Transfers are the worst.

Okay, they're not really the worst because I have this awesome new companion named Sister Grandy. We've been working really well together. We're both pretty diligent and have a really good rhythm in getting stuff done together. It's great because one of us will be like "let's do this!" and the other one is like "yeah, okay! Let's do it!" It's just a lot of fun to try a lot of things and work hard. I taught her to make borsht yesterday because she didn't know how and that is pretty much a sin. Too hot to eat borscht in the summer? Not when you have air conditioning in your apartment!

Yesterday was one of the funnest days I've had at church in Ukraine. We decided to wear our vyshyvankas (that traditional Ukrainian blouse I bought Monday) and see what would happen. Turns out what happened is that we instantly became everyone's favorites! Literally just walking down the street people would give us thumbs up or say how cool it was that we were wearing vyshyvankas. The members LOVED it. I've literally never gotten so much positive feedback from members. EVERYONE said we were beautiful and awesome and gave us hugs. One took pictures of us. It was great. Every once in a while, it's just good fun to be showered with positive attention and be told by 100 people how beautiful you are. After all, isn't that why we even have wedding receptions?

All the love,

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  1. Loving this! Keep it up. You are incredibly awesome. :)