Monday, July 21, 2014

Transfers #abandonmentissues

It was a great week for the babushkas of this area. With each babushka we visited we read from D&C 121 and 122. They totally ate it up. I've discovered the secret of babuskas: they love suffering. They love talking about suffering and trials. It was awesome. Yesterday, we brought cute Tiam (Iranian recent convert) with us. When Tiam said she was from Iran, the babushka started crying - "I'm just so glad the church is all over the world." She LOVED Tiam and it was just brilliant. 

Found out this week that Lorin SOLD MY CAR (that wasn't really mine). So that happened. Am I still mourning it? Maybe. Next time you see Lorin, give him a gentle punch from me and my car.

I was on exchanges with the lovely Sister Hunt this week. Where is Sister Hunt from? Sandy, Utah of course. She went to Alta and we have a mutual friend or two, so that's cool. Also, we served together in Житомир during the revolution so that obviously bonded us. Anyway, I love Sister Hunt. She's probably the boldest missionary I know and it was so fun to serve with her for a day. She's just a wonderful missionary. It was a great day, a great exchange.

I saw a lot of President Packer this week. We did interviews on Thursday then had leadership council on Friday. I'm super impressed with him. He's very insightful into the needs of the mission and how to fix things. It's also funny because every time I see him and his wife it's amazing how completely opposite of the Klebingats they are. Both excellent leaders, but impossibly different from one another. Go figure. 

Sad news. Transfers are this week and Sister Welling is leaving me. Heart.broken. She's just one of my favorite friends and companions and I'm going to miss her dearly. The good news is that I'm staying here (despite my best attempts to get a transfer to Kharkiv (part of Donesk mission they shut down then made part of our mission but still won't let missionaries in)). I'mma be gettin a new companion named Sister Grandy this week. From what I've heard, she's just great and has amazing Russian, so I'm excited to learn from her. 

Angela is continuing to be a rock star. She got a calling and a temple recommend yesterday (we're going to the temple Wednesday before Sister Welling leaves). She told us a way cool little story. She said that Friday night she came home late to an entirely dark house. She went into her room to see her mom sitting there reading the Book of Mormon. Her mom was like, "well, you've changed pretty much your whole like in a month and a half, and I wanted to know why, so I'm going to read this book." Very neat. We'll see what happens with that. 

A new family from Luganask (Luhansk?) just moved into our ward. Lugansk is the Ukrainian city closest to Russia, and since there's a war there, they came up to Kyiv. Anyway, they are the most darling family and I'm so excited to have them here. They're just really, really good people. We were over at their house Saturday night and it made this whole "war in Ukraine" thing so much more real. I've been pretty casual (occasionally frivolous perhaps) about it, since I have no news and only hear bits and pieces. But talking with them and seeing how hard it was for them and how much they feared made it infinitely more real. I'm worried about this little country. I hope things will be alright here. 

All the love,

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