Monday, June 16, 2014

Fwd: Picture's Worth a Thousand Words?

So the short of it all is that I'm pretty much out of email time. So this week the email comes with few words but three pictues. Worth it?

WE FOUND ANOTHER HEDGEHOG AND I TOOK A PICTURE WITH IT. We had this miracle visit with a less-active named Zina. We've been trying to meet with her since we got here and hasn't worked. Finally, she answered her phone and was like "yeah, come over tonight." But then she decided it wouldn't work in her house, so we sat and talked on a bench outside. Right as we wrapped up the lesson, a hedgehog walked by. I jumped up, caught it, and took pictures with it. It curled up in a ball when I picked it up. Notice my bare hands handling a hedgehog. Epic.

We went on a young women's activity doing oil paining. We know I have no patience and got tired of the still life paining flowers they were doing. So I just painted some blue palm trees and a sunset of sorts. Good fun. 

Anyway, it was a good week. This Saturday is our last conference with President before he leaves. It's kinda tragic/I really don't want him to go/I'll be okay, I'm just bad at transitions. Good thing missionary life is all about transfers and new companions and changes all over the place. It's good for me.

All the love,

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