Monday, June 23, 2014

Fresh Veggies and Clean Windows

I sunburned my eyelids this week. Basically all the skin around my eyes. I'm not sure how it happened, but it's incredibly painful. And looks like I'm wearing terrible pink eye shadow up to my eyebrows all the time. Not cute. So I guess it's time to pull the sunscreen out. 

Have we talked about how Ukrainian vegetables are awesome? Having hated tomatoes my whole life, I now love tomatoes. And all other vegetables. They're even better here (in the summer) than Whole Foods. And we all know I'm a whole foods junkie, so that's saying something. There's this babushka who sells vegetables on the street by our house. She has no teeth and only speaks  Ukrainian, so we don't communicate all that much, but I always say hi to her. Yesterday, I said hi and she called me over and gave me vegetables from her garden! It was totally adorable. It felt like living on Sesame Street. 

We cleaned another babushka's windows this week. It was good fun. At one point, as I was leaning out of the eleventh story window, I turned to Sister Welling and was like "what would you do if I fell out of this? How would you tell President?" Without missing a beat, she said, "jump out after you, what am I going to watch my favorite companion fall out a window and just keep going?" I just love that girl. We have so much fun together. We've decided we're going to go to college together and only speak Russian at home and have weekly movie nights по-Русский! She's the best. 

Saturday, we had our last mission conference with the Klebingats and said goodbye to them. It was both awesome and traumatic. Since it was the "goodbye" conference, we talked about all the things they usually say when they send missionaries home - college, job interviews, dating, marriage, debt, etc. And I've decided I'm never growing up because I don't want to deal with any of that so I'm just going to stay here and be Peter Pan in Ukraine. No, but actually it was several hours of awesome advice (to be used far, far down the road). Saying goodbye to President was hard. It's funny how much you grow to love a 6'3" German marathon runner who spends most of his time calling you to repentance. You grow to love him a lot. 

So, yes. Being a missionary truly is the best. This is just the happiest, most fun time of my life. I get to become better, grow, and be part of wonderful people's lives. It's the best way to live,

All the love,
Sister Pugh

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