Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Baskets

Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45 AM to bright lights and loud bangs outside my window. My first thought was "oh crud, Putin's come and the war's begun." So, naturally, I ran to the window. Because when Putin has a tank firing outside your window, you run to it to make yourself an easier target. ANYWAY, turns out it was just some over-zealous individual celebrating Easter with fireworks at 5:45 AM. Naturally. How else ought one to celebrate Easter?

Actually, Easter here was pretty interesting. You know that whole "we go to church on Easter and Christmas" thing? It 100% applies to Ukraine and their Orthodox traditions. EVERYONE went to church yesterday. But here's the best part: they literally carried Easter baskets to church. Almost every person or family on the street yesterday was carrying an Easter basket filled with wine and cheese and calbasa (not sure what the word for that is in English) and dyed eggs. It was like something out of a fairy tale or something. I'll be honest, I never really grasped why exactly they carry picnic baskets to church on Easter, but I still love them for it. 

We also had a super awesome treat on Saturday. We were supposed to be doing service painting an orphanage, but it started raining, so that killed painting. As were were getting ready to leave, the bishop's wife was like "hey girls, do you want to come to the temple with us tonight? We've got room in our car and we're going to the English session with the brand new film." And we were like "uh, yeah. Obviously." So I made some calls and got some permission and we found ourselves in the temple Saturday night. It was wonderful. 

My mission has officially doubled in size until at least July. Basically everyone's lives are crazy right now (how could they not be when you suddenly have 200 missionaries in a mission that would have been well-suited with 70?), but I think it will be to the blessing of a lot of people's lives. I think we're going to make it. Things are looking good from where I stand.

Anyway. I'm going to go buy myself a fancy new ukulele, so I've got to peace out. 

All the love,

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