Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring came!

Well, SPRING CAME. I left my apartment this morning not wearing tights and not wearing boots and in the best mood I've been in for weeks. I love spring. I sometimes convince myself that fall is my favorite season, but it's not. Spring is definitely my favorite. How can you not be happy when spring shows up? The sun comes out, the snow's gone, I'm not wearing tights for the first time in 6 months, what more could I want? Nothing. Okay, maybe I could go for Starbucks on the grass with all my best friends, but not wearing tights is a close second.

We had a baptism this week. On Monday night we were meeting with our investigator, Svetlana, and we were talking about getting baptized and she was like "I'm free this Saturday" and I was like "yeah, I can throw together a baptism in 6 days." So we did just that and had ourselves a baptism on Saturday. It was neat. Svetlana's going to make a great Mormon. She just really likes the church and our branch and the things we've taught her, which I guess is a pretty good attribute in a recent convert. Cool story of how we met her: a couple months ago we were out on the street and had nothing to do and there was this babushka walking home pulling a giant wheelbarrow cart. We were like "babushka, can we help you?" and she was like "sure." So we helped her pull her cart home and she was like "I want you to meet my daughter" so we met her and taught her and she got baptized on Saturday. What do you know.

It was also women's day Saturday! Women's day is like mother's day but for all females! That inherently makes it more fun because it means that everyone gets to celebrate, not just those who have children to call them and make them cards. Ukraine loves women's day, and it's the closest thing to feminism you'll ever find in this country. We had a branch activity of sorts to celebrate and that was great because we all got roses. Who doesn't love getting roses? Ukrainians keep in classy. 
We went to the temple with Marina last week and I forgot to write about it. She was going through for the first time and didn't have anyone to go with, since no one in her family has been baptized for over a year. So we, her trusty missionary best friends, went with her. It was awesome. I just love that girl so much. I was so grateful that I was able to be in the temple with her on that day. She's made me promise to keep up my Russian so we can be friends forever. That crazy old lady speaking Russian with the thickest American accent you've ever heard? That will be me. Maybe I'll even have a gray ponytail. When we got out of the temple, it turned out that all missionaries had been called home due to Crimea stuff, so I called President and he sent us in a private car the 2 hours back to Житомир. It was pretty classy. We may have stopped by McDonalds because Marina was hungry, but I'm not admitting anything.
That was about all that happened this week. (I say that so casually, whatever this week was awesome). The barricade in front of city hall came down, which I guess means that the revolution is winding to a close in this part of the country. We'll just let Crimea and Russia and USA keep doing their own power play thing. I'm going to take all my money out of the bank today while the exchange rate is still high in my favor.

All the love,

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