Monday, January 13, 2014

"Jesus Drank Wine"

Awkward moment of the week was when our landlady had us over for dinner. Our landlady is super nice and completely insane. Anyway, she called us one night and was like "I want you to come over right now for dinner" and we were like "hey, alright!" Things went well until she pulled out a 1.5 liter bottle of wine and was like "drink girls!" And we were like "no really, we can't." And she was like "No it's fine, Jesus drank wine, drink!" Anyway, we sort of convinced her that we really weren't going to drink her wine, but then she drank our shares. So we were like not sure what we're supposed to do, because pretty sure Mormon missionaries aren't supposed to casually hang out while one's landlady gets drunk. In the end, we faked an emergency phone call and she was like "let me pay for your taxi home!" so we got a free taxi ride out of it? Also, she made real Italian spaghetti for dinner, which I haven't had in like forever, so that made it arguably worth it.

In other food-related news, we made borscht this week. It was the easiest thing ever and fed us for days. I've decided I'm a big fan or borscht. I'm going to come home and make it all the time and everyone's going to be like "why do you keep eating pink soup?" and I'm gonna be all "I lived in Ukraine, okay!" I may or may not be determined to create the perfect borscht recipe.

Anyone remember Marina, my Ukrainian best friend? She got her call this week! She's headed to St. Petersburg and she's going to be completely amazing. She leaves on April 1 and I'm already dreading having to say goodbye to her. We got to be there when she opened her call, which was adorable, but it was written in English which was a big disappointment, since she doesn't speak English. She figured it out though. I also did language study with a 7-year old this week. Her name is Masha and she's my other Ukrainian best friend. I adore the kid. She's helping me learn to roll my Rs, because you have to be able to do that to speak Russian. She's missing her 4 front teeth, so she rolls her Rs and I can see what her tongue does! It's weirdly helpful. She also corrected me on pronunciation in general. I'd tell her a story and every time I said a word wrong she hit the piano keyboard. It was adorable. Maybe someday I'll learn to speak Russian without the thickest American accent you've ever heard.

It's been a really good week. I guess nothing especially wonderful for noteworthy happened, but it's just been good. Things are flowing. I'm on one of my self-correction streaks. We know how I do that. I'm in one of my maddeningly enthusiastic "what else can I do better?" modes. It happens sometimes. It actually makes me really happy when it does because it always makes me feel good about myself.

I've now become that super annoying religious girl that talks to you about Jesus on the bus. Actually, I kinda love it. I just talk to people about their lives everywhere I go. People are interesting. One of the things people always ask me is "how do you like Ukraine?" I always answer, "I love it here. The people are so kind." And I totally mean it. Where else in the world would people have patience for some crazy foreigner speaking completely broken language stopping them on the street to talk about religion? I mean, I guess there must be other places, but this one's the best. 

All the love,

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