Monday, December 30, 2013

With New Year!

So I bought a Christmas tree this week. It's about three feet tall and is practically straight out of Charlie Brown. It happened like this: we'd had a kinda hard day and were walking to our last lesson of the day. I got off the bus and there was this guy selling Christmas trees on the street. Naturally, I inquired. He said one of the small ones was normally 40 грн but I could have it for 15. That's less than 2 dollars, so of course I said yes and bought it on the spot. I then carried it to our lesson, on the bus home, and into our apartment. Maybe it was a little impulsive and stupid, maybe it makes no sense to buy a Christmas tree after we'd celebrated Christmas, maybe we have nothing to decorate it with, but I love the stupid thing.

In other news, it was so warm this week! It was 8 degrees C, so like 45 F! I don't even feel like I'm living in Ukraine. And I kinda love it. I know that snow will inevitably come, but for now I'm enjoying my global warming December. 

We played "would you rather?" for a family home evening with some of our members this week and it was the funniest thing you've ever seen. At first they didn't like it (Ukrainians are kinda terrible at thinking creatively), but the more we did it the more they got into it. By the end, they were so into it and thought it was the best game ever invented and were so bummed when we ran out of questions. It made my day. Also, our favorite baby has learned here first word - amen. (Except, it's Russian, so it's ah-mean). We had a lesson with her parents this week and she walked around saying it over and over and over. Cutest thing ever.

Ummm that's about it. It was kinda a weird week because like nothing happened. We skyped home and Christmas was awesome. Everyone we tried to meet with was like "after the new year." We ate at McDonalds on Christmas because it was American. My nails are purple not red right now. It's New Years tomorrow and we're not allowed to go outside after 8, because Ukrainians use it as an excuse to literally drink as much as they possibly can (which is a lot, if you're Ukrainian). But I'm actually super excited for the new year, because 2014 will be "that entire year of my life I spent on my mission." I just like that it works so I cleanly have an entire year. Anyway, Happy New Year (Or With New Year if we want to be Russian).

All the love,

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