Monday, December 2, 2013

It got cold this week


Well, this was a funny week. There were lots of outliers. For instance, I taught an entire lesson with a kitten on my lap. (She'd curled up and fallen asleep when we were talking and I couldn't just kick her off). Said kitten, for unknown reasons, had no tail. I also had my first moment of intense trunkyness/homesickness - we walked in a library and it smelled exactly like the library at Swat and I just about died because all of a sudden I was like "all I want to do is read a few books and write a paper in McCabe." We also did interviews with our mission president this week. Except he called to say he was coming up from Kyiv after we were already on a bus to a village 2 hours away where we were going to do service and hence wearing sweatshirts and jeans. So we did our interviews the second we got back from the village, wearing sweatshirts and jeans. President said they were his first interviews in 2.5 years with missionaries in such apparel. It also got cold this week. It hovered around 0 and -1 degree Celsius. Which is cold. My body was like "'it's cold and I don't like it! I give up!" and immediately succumbed to sickness. So I was kinda a baby about that, but I'm doing better now!

We, us and the elders, had ourselves a little Ukrainian Thanksgiving this week and it was sort of awesome. The elders bought a 4 lb turkey breast and prepared it all fancy with spices and stuff and we cooked it. They also made mashed potatoes and corn, both of which were super American and awesome. We tried to make stuffing, but they don't have chicken broth in this country and the stuff we ended up making was like 90% salt and unbearable to eat. We also made "cranberries." As in, we bought an ambiguous red berry at the store and followed the cranberry recipe with that. Whatever it was, it was awesome. And we bought rolls at the store, because Ukrainian bread is the best. Plus the elders made "root beer"! They put imported-from-America root beer concentrate in mineral water and it was only sort of disgusting. This country needs dry ice. We had super-Ukrainian kontiks for dessert, which are this cookie/chocolate thing that you soak in milk and it's awesome and every missionary here loves it. So that was our great Ukrainian Thanksgiving experiment.

Anyway, I feel like that's all I have to say. More adventures to come, I'm sure.

All the love,

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