Monday, December 9, 2013

A Snowflake Fell

So I woke up Tuesday morning and decided I hated my hair. It just sort
of hit me that I really didn't like it. The upper layer was way too
short and everything was dry and I just hated it as much as anything.
So I spent the whole day telling Sister Clark that next PDay I was
decidedly getting a haircut. I wasn't sure where, because my trust of
Ukrainian hair cutters wasn't high (have we talked about how the Woman
Mullet is a popular style here?), and I wasn't sure when because Pday
time is always short, but it was going to happen. Finally, at the end
of the day Sister Clark was like, "Do you just want me to cut it?" and
because I didn't know who else would and I didn't know when else I
could, I was like "Yeah! Let's do it! Now!." Sister Clark had never
cut any one's hair before, but we kinda just went for it in the living
room. It was only slightly terrifying. Anyway, now my hair's 3.5
inches shorter and more-or-less even (Okay, so the left side is
actually decidedly longer than the right side, but we're working on
fixing it sometime soon, we've just been too lazy so far). It's an
adventure. But actually, Sister Clark did a great job. It's a good
thing I like her because transfers were this week and we found out
we'll be together 2 more months (until Mid-February!).

In other news, it started snowing Tuesday and hasn't really stopped
since. I mean, it's stopped at times and hasn't snowed really hard,
but it's pretty much consistently snowing whenever we go outside. It's
cold and lovely. I bought 2 new huge-and-super-warm sweaters and I'm
kinda liking this Ukrainian winter thing. One oh-so-Ukrainian thing is
that they don't shovel or salt sidewalks here. So it's kinda like
living on an ice rink! I asked Marina how people don't fall all the
time and she was just like, "Oh, they do. Especially babushkas and
kids." I haven't fallen yet, but I'm sure it's in the works. Am I
considering buying myself a pair of ice skates? It's possible. Merry
Christmas to myself.

Since there's now snow, we had a snowball fight! Guess who started it?
Our 23-year-old branch president. We (4 missionaries, 3 members, and
him) were standing at the bus stop the other night and he just picked
up snow and started himself a snowball fight. It was so funny. It
ended with him tacking the RS president and one of the elders in the
snow. Where else in the world does that get to happen?

I taught another lesson with a kitten on my lap! I didn't try to, but
this time it came up and curled up on my lap during the lesson and I
couldn't kick it off, now could I? Apparently I have become an
individual obsessed with baby animals.

In other news, we're teaching a 79-year old woman. She can't really
remember what we teach her or our names and can't see to read much
anything and is afraid to go in the snow and come to church, but she's
completely darling. It's so fun to teach her because she just loves
having people in her house. The first time we met with her she
started crying and talking about how no one calls and no one visits
and she's just all alone. So now we call her every day and visit her a
few times a week and just try to help her feel like someone in the
world cares about her. It's nice to be able to do that for someone.
Everyone go call your grandma!

Anyway, I feel like I haven't had anything good to say for weeks.
Maybe the longer it's been since I've been in school (much less simply
read a book) the dumber I get. But in the most simple way, I love it

All the love,

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