Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Southwest Flight 3119

I've been watching How I Met Your Mother with a rabid addiction. I'm about halfway through season 8, which is the last one produced. We all know that when I watch TV or read books or find a new hobby, I do so with fierce (addictive) attentiveness. So it really shouldn't surprise us that I've watched 7.5 seasons of HIMYM in the past month. Anyway, I'm on a southwest flight right now, and I bought wifi so I could keep watching, but it won't let me watch because it "takes too much bandwidth," so now I have internet for the flight so I was like fine, I'll blog.


In other news, I leave 3 weeks from tomorrow. It sorta snuck up on me, but I also feel like I've been waiting years for July 31 to come. I'm getting all prepared and stuff. It's exciting. I've been going to the temple a lot. I considered writing a post about it, but I think I won't. It's nice, and it's going in the "things in my life that are too personal to blog about" bin, which seems to have been getting fuller and fuller in past months. I think that means I'm growing up.

Did I blog about how when I was at the cabin over the 4th weekend I went fishing a lot? Lorin built a pond a few years ago and he stocked it up to the brim with fish. I was sitting on the porch and I was like "I'm going to go fishing." So I grabbed a rod and caught a fish ON MY FIRST CAST. Really, that's not a measure of how good I am, but rather of how many fish are in the pond. Anyway, I spent some time fishing and caught 5 fish! With the last one, everyone else had gone in, so I caught it, took the hook out, and put it back in the pond all by myself. It was sort of awesome. I'm going to keep fishing when I go to the cabin. I'm going to bring all my friends up there and we're all going fishing. Yay for fishing!

Oh, I forgot to say why I'm in the sky. I'm going to CA to visit Winnie! It's my last adventure before I leave, and it's going to be legend-wait for it-dary.

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  1. I caught the one and only fish I've ever caught up at your cabin. It's a nice memory.