Friday, July 5, 2013

Making friends with Whimzy

We all know that historically, Whimzy has not been my favorite, because she barks and smells and farts and is generally irritating. She's also kinda moody. Whimzy is notorious for snuggling for half of a movie and then getting tired of it and jumping off the couch to sit on the floor by herself. (Whenever she does it, Judy says "that's okay Whimzy, that's what we do in this family, we do our own things.") Also, after 8:00, she goes to bed and will snarl and bite if she's disturbed. Though we have an electric fence, she runs away quite a bit and refuses to be caught until she's good and ready. Pretty much every time we go to the cabin we end up on ATVs driving around the valley trying to track down our stupid terrier before she gets beat up by a deer, again. 

But, since I got home, I've become friends with Whimzy again. Maybe it's because I've been spending more time around the house, cleaning and doing mission prep, and Whimzy likes to hang around. It's also possible I like her more because she's getting older and therefore more tired. She's funny to watch because she'll play for a little and then get wiped out and have to sleep for an hour. It's quite endearing. She also can't jump as well as she used to. She often goes to jump up on something, misses it, and falls down. Then she gets angry and walks away indignantly. 

I let her sleep in my bed, because that's where she slept when I went to college, and I felt badly about taking it from her. Also, it's helpful because I've been working on getting up at a decent hour. Whimzy usually doesn't sleep in, and it's easier to get up at 8 if there's a dog barking and threatening to pee on your carpet. So usually we do fine sharing a bed.  But the other night, there was a thunderstorm. 

Like most dogs, Whimzy is afraid of thunder storms. When there was thunder and lighting the other night, she freaked out. She was panting and shaking and convinced that the only safe place in the whole room was my pillow and face. I tried to move her several times and I even held her to calm her down, but it was to no avail. She wanted to be right on my face. Whatever Whimzy. Since it was 3AM and I had no patience for her craziness, I put her to bed on an old comforter in the storage room, which has no windows. And I think that worked just fine. 

I've since forgiven her for her midnight freakout. Mostly because I discovered she eats watermelon like a person. And that is the single greatest thing she can do. 

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