Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Rolls On

Winnie came to Utah last week! It was sort of incredibly awesome. We did all the important things including: visiting The King's English, having dinner at Maza and brunch at Ruth's Diner (which I thought was an excuse to eat breakfast late but she thought was an excuse to eat lunch early), going to the cabin, riding ATVs/the Polaris, and visiting Park City. Probably the highlight of the weekend was that we went fishing at the cabin and Winnie caught her first fish!
Kat came over Saturday and I made dinner, which I haven't done in like forever. She took me to the airport on Sunday morning, because she is the loveliest. And now I'm in Hawaii, which is wonderful. I'm reading The Brothers K, and I am thoroughly enjoying it (those family epics are my favorites). And here's my favorite art print, as of late:

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