Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Well we were supposed to go from Mykanos to Paros, but the seas were so bad they cancelled our ferry! So we ended up catching a larger ferry to Santorini, where we were going to go a couple days later anyway. During the ferry ride, it became evident just how rough the seas were. It was so wavy/windy/rocky that all 3 of us (as well as about 75% of the boat) got super seasick. All my life I've heard "Lorin can't go on boats because he gets sick." All my life I've seen him do fine on boats, but after that ferry ride I have a lot more sympathy for him - I'm not to keen to get on a boat anytime soon either. 

The good news is that it was totally worth it because Santorini is BEAUTIFUL. The island is just huge, steep, rocky cliffs with white picturesque villages built on top. It's stunning. And we had four days there, which was lovely. 

As per usual, we did lots of walking, village to village. There are pathways along the cliff where you can see all the pretty everything. The first day, Lorin was still recovering from seasickness, but Judy and I climbed a little mountain to this darlin little chapel built nestled into the cliffs. I think my favorite part of Greece might be the chapels everywhere. 

We rented a car (it was tiny and European and adorable) and went to red and black sand beaches - the water is clearer here than anywhere I've ever been. It's like looking through glass and it's amazing. And we visited an archaeological site - Akotiri - which is basically a 1700 bce Pompei. So seeing 3700 years-old 3 story buildings was stunning. 

My favorite village we visited was called Oia. It's the most beautiful by far. It's built on the very tip of the island, so the cliffs on all sides (as well as the views of the sea and surrounding islands) make it so majestic. It's got tons of blue dome churches, a street made of marble, and the best sunset in the island. I even love it's name. Oia. I love all those vowels. Actually, that's something I love about Greek in general; when it's written in the Latin alphabet, there are so many vowels. Vowel-rich words warm my little English major heart. 

I rode a donkey! We were going up from a port to a town, but were not digging the idea of waking up 516 long steps (the ones where you take three strides before you get to the next step), so we paid to ride the donkey's up. It was so touristy, but the view was nice and I had fun. 

In other news, I'm over this whole eating-meat thing, but it's okay because I'm enjoying other things, namely baklava and frozen yogurt. Baklava is the best. It always makes me think of my 16th birthday picnic in Vienna. The frozen yogurt is awesome too. It's not regular frozen yogurt; it's frozen Greek yogurt. I like it even more than gelato (Judy might disown me for it). My favorite so far is topping it with honey, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds. I could eat that all day every day.