Friday, May 3, 2013

Poetry Reading

Well, as of today, classes are over. All that's standing between me and home is 3 papers, 2 finals, and 14 days. Which sounds like a lot (which is a lot), but isn't so much seeing as after that I'll be gone from school for 20 months. That feels like a very long time to not be doing school. I'm kinda worried that I'm going to come back and have to relearn how to write a paper and read for class, but even if that happens, I'll be able to figure it out again. I think there are more important things I need to learn in the next 20 months.

I wasn't really sad about classes ending until after the poetry reading tonight. The moment it finished it totally sunk in that the year was coming to an end. It made my boots heavy. I'm just no good at saying goodbye. The good news is that the reading went really well. It was lots of fun and like 60 people came. The amphitheater was a gorgeous setting. It was worth the allergies I'm going to have for the rest of the night. Please pardon the fact that I am posting lots of pictures of myself. #narcissist

Since, as we all know, I bake when I'm sad, I made cookies tonight. It went great, until the timer went off. At which point I realized I didn't have any way to get the cookies out of the oven. I was wearing a skirt, but didn't want to burn it. But I had to get the cookies out of the oven ASAP otherwise they'd burn. I rifled through cabinets, and came up with a large garbage bag. Garbage bags do not make good oven mits. The bag melted and I burned the pads of my fingers pretty badly. My middle finger on my right hand is the worst, which is severely inconvenient because it makes it painful to write. Oops. It was one of the dumber things I've done. The good news is that the cookies still turned out good!

Anyway, here's one of the shorter poems I read tonight:


Dear Lord I hope
you will pardon

my appearance,
I’m just a gold digger

buying cantaloupe
at a roadside stand.

My great aunt’s furs
are in a closet at home

but I can’t find
any place to wear them –

that’s why
I’m digging.

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