Thursday, May 9, 2013


So remember how I haven't dyed my hair 6.5 months? In the wee hours of the morning last night, I saw pictures of pink hair on pinterest and decided that I wanted to dye the tips of my hair pink as a welcome-summer, pre-mission hurrah (since there is definitely no pink hair once I'm a missionary... "The style, color, and length of your hair should be attractive and easy to manage and should not draw attention. Hair adornments and other accessories should be simple and conservative"). It was a pretty impulsive decision, but spring has been so lovely and I'm just feeling so excited about life and pink hair just seemed like an appropriate way to celebrate that. I'm going to blame my impulsive nature on Judy who has been known to do similar things (Whimzy got her name because we bought her on a whim).

Anyway, Winnie did it for me. She was super incredibly good. If I had done it myself, it would have looked pretty much like a disaster. But Winnie even got an a little bit of an ombre look going on.

So that's my news of the day. It's temporary(ish) dye, so it should wash out in a few weeks. I figure worst-case scenario I have to dye it back to dark blonde pre-MTC. I'm okay with that. The whole blonde-stripe thing was getting old anyway.


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