Saturday, May 4, 2013

In which Eve Ensler comes to my city


Eve Ensler has been on my list of favorites since last spring, when I went to the Vagina Monologues for the first time (which was super incredible) and when she published a piece called "Over It" that is still one of my very favorite pieces of feminist lit. I love Eve Ensler because there is a fearlessness to her writing. She writes the things that need to be voiced, but that are too scary for most people to say. And somehow that fearlessness in turn allows her readers to also become fearless. It's magic. Eve Ensler is a magical superstar.

I took the afternoon tonight and read her new book. It as a quick read but it was intense. Cancer and the Congo put together are intense. Especially when it's Eve Ensler writing about it. Reading the book combined with the reading meant I spent a good 20 minutes curled up in bed crying tonight. The thing that really got me the most was a story she told at the reading tonight about a little girl who lives in the City of Joy (which Eve helped found). The little girl and her family were taken into the forest by soldiers when she was three or four. Somehow, they don't know how, this little girl survived and found her way to the City of Joy. She was immediately enamored with the woman who runs it, Mama C. One day the two of them were talking and Mama C, who is very tall, asked the little girl why she was always looking at her legs. The little girl responded  "It's because your legs are so long that you can run away when the soldiers come. Mine are too short. But if they come back again, you will carry me."

Can you tell I'm geeking out? Because I am. Because it's EVE ENSLER.

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