Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summer Lovin

Have you noticed how much I've been blogging this week? It's because I have lots of work to do and when that happens I'm like "Know what I could do instead of work? Blog up the wazoo!"

In good news, since my incredibly frustrated clothing post, I've been making strides. I got a super awesome flat iron! And a longchamp! And I've been ordering things online with the same gusto that I order books on amazon. Which means I'll probably have lots of returns to make later, but I'm feeling more in control of life.

In less good news, I'm really bad at staying off facebook. But I haven't watched TV, so that's something.

So now that things are getting officialized and junk, I figured I can blog about my summer plans. NEWSFLASH: my summer plans include going on a mission to the Ukraine. Phew. Glad I got that out there. But between school getting out and going to the MTC, I've got a full 2.5 months of summer to do fun things with. And boy am I excited.

The day after I get home from college, I'm leaving for a two-week trip to Europe with my parents. We're doing a week of Greek Isles and then a week of Turkey highlights (Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, etc.) So I'm super pumped about that. It'll be pretty incredibly awesome to have two whole weeks to spend with my parents. Sam's not coming because 1) He hates Europe and 2) He has school. So I'll miss him, but it'll be okay.

The day after we get home, I have to surrender my passport to the officials who are in charge of getting my Ukrainian visa. So I'll be in the USA until I go to the Ukraine. However, later that week, I'm (probably) going to Hawaii with my parents AND Sam for two weeks. The probably is because of Kat, who is the variable here. See there's this awkward situation where she might be living in Utah or might be living in Hawaii at this time, depending on if her Utah house sells. And obviously seeing Kat is my priority for June (since she's going to Europe all of July), so whether it's in Hawaii or in Utah, we're going to be together every second of June.

And then in July I'm going to go to Oakland to visit my college bffl Winnie. And we're going to go to San Francisco and drive up to Salinas (because it's about time I made that pilgrimage) and get dim sum and mostly just eat incredibly good food. Because it's pretty sad that by the time I get back from my mission, it'll be her last semester at Swat. Naturally, we need to live it up while we can, and Nor Cal is the perfect place to do it.

So other with the trips all taken up, I'm going to have pretty much a full month in Utah. In that time I anticipate lots and lots of lunch and coffee dates (except not actual coffee dates, because I'm a Mormon), some weekends at the Cabin, reading novels cover to cover and riding Tinker through those mountains I love, and hanging out with my family, because 18 months is starting to feel like a long time to be away from home.

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