Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poems on Tuesdays

My usual academic schedule for my poetry class is that Friday-Monday I work on a poem that is turned in Tuesday morning then critiqued in workshop on Wednesday. This weekend I was a little overwhelmed, and it didn't happen. Which, last night, put me in the position of having to write a poem in one fell swoop. So I started with a title of a poem I'd already written, "Self Portait Before Leaving Home" and wrote. It was one of those poems that got big and then small and then big and then small again. It's far from finished (and anyway, "a poem is never finished, only abandoned"), but I haven't posted a poem in a long while, so here it is anyway.

Self-Portrait Before Leaving Home

when all of the camel’s teeth
fall out one by one by one
i catch them in my palm
and he speaks to me,
says wild thing
aren’t you reckless

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  1. I haven't read NETHERLANDS but I'm writing it down. I read Sharon Old's STAG'S LEAP today and have begun THE ORPHAN MASTER'S SON, by Adam Johnson, both of them Pulitzer Prize winners this week.

    I like the camel's teeth falling into the palm, but I don't care for what he says. "Wild thing" has me finishing the phrase in my head, "You make my heart sing," or drops me into the Maurice Sendak book. I don't think you want that reading.