Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My BFFL Spring Came to Campus Today

Guess who showed up today? SPRING. It was so warm today. I wore a sundress! A SUNDRESS! I actually ended up sitting outside browsing through my poetry collections for most of the day. Can you say awesome?

What's more, there are these two huge saucer magnolia trees in the courtyard outside my dorm, and they literally bloomed over night. It's one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. They're just covered in flowers. And it smells so so sweet every time I walk out the door. I literally can't imagine anything better.
Because it was beautiful outside, today I put lipstick on. I have this newfound love of lipstick. I don't often wear makeup, but I've started putting lipstick on a lot. I think I consider lipstick something for grownups, and it's fun to wear it. I also think of lipstick as really feminine, and I like that. In realated news, my flat iron died, but my new one came in the mail today and it is probably the nicest thing I've ever owned. It doesn't weigh anything, it heats up in like 40 seconds, and it makes my hair look like I blow dried it. Basically I'm obsessed. 

It was nice of today to be great, because thinks on campus have been less than awesome lately. I mean, I'm doing great, but the student body in general is behaving badly. 

It starts with the fact that there was a huge debate about the choice of Robert Zoellick (Swat alum, former president World Bank, Republican) as commencement speaker, because he's an "architect of the Iraq war." Which is more or less completely untrue. Anyway, it got so back that he resigned from speaking and declined the honorary degree. So that was a moment of dear Swarthmore you are spoiled children

There has also been this whole referendum on Greek Life thing going on all year, but it's culminating this week. Since last April, a group of students has been trying to get rid of Greek Life on campus (by Greek Life I mean our TWO frats and founded-last-month sorority). There have been some serious issues that needed addressing, such as prevalence of sexual assault at frats and gender-identity inclusivity, but it's turned into something horrible. See today and tomorrow the student body is voting on a six-part referendum (each part has it's own vote): should Greek organizations stay affiliated with their national charter, should the houses become dry spaces, should both genders be admitted to both the frat and the sorority, should all Greek life be housed in a single space, should there be campus buildings explicitly for Greek life, and should Greek life be banned. I don't love that the referendum's happened, but I'm okay with it. What I'm NOT AT ALL okay with is the fact that the people who started it chalked the sidewalks all over campus once voting started with incredibly hateful and mean-spirited things about Greek organizations and the people in them. It crossed the line from discussion to antagonizing, and I'm not okay with it. But the results will be announced tomorrow, so hopefully things will die down.

That was a bigger vent than I'd planned. Oops. In short, I'm so glad spring is hanging around campus, because we could use a lift. 

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