Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last Weekend in The City

I spent this weekend in New York with Kat. It'll be the last one for, you know, 1.5-2 years, which is kinda sad. But it's been a wonderful part of my freshman year. It was scary to be living in a different state than that girl, but megabus made it feel manageably closer. It's awesome to be able to hop on a bus and see my best friend. It'll be awfully hard when there is an ocean between us and I only have internet once a week. But we'll manage. Kat's my Russian pen pal, after all.

This weekend was a win. We did what we do best: eat and read. We got sushi and pho, went to Silver Moon Bakery for croissants, Community for Sunday brunch, and some place that had awesome dulce de leche crepes. Saturday the sun was shining and we laid on the grass at Columbia working/naping (okay, Kat was working and I was napping, but I was on vacation) for most of the afternoon. Then we went shopping, but more importantly we went to Strand Books and saw the high line, both of which were super awesome. Actually, Strands and the high line are going on my list of favorite things in the city. Mostly it was just wonderful to talk for 2.5 days straight.

So even though neither of us really had the time for that vacation (with classes ending this week and finals starting the next), it was perfect. Having a best friend really is excellent. I highly recommend it.

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