Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello from 4AM

If you're one for technicalities, then it's 4 AM and I technically should keep working on the paper due tomorrow that's kept me up this late/early. But I'm not really one for technicalities, and it's the fourth paper I've written in the last 10 days. Plus this week has been kinda dumb. It's one of those weeks where my face is like, "hey you seem stressed, this must be an awesome time to break out." And I'm like "no face, you suck," which doesn't help anything much. So I'm taking a blogging study break to ramble and pontificate. Because that's what you do when it's 4AM and you don't want to finish your paper.

I have this bookmark folder called "Read". Mostly, it contains links to essays and poems and articles that I read and loved too much to let them fade back into the internet void. There's also a sub-folder called "books to buy". I'm embarrassed by how many book links are in that folder. Can we just say it's more than I could read if I moved to Hawaii for a month (or two)?

I've been sort of growing out my hair. Meaning I don't trust anyone to cut my hair, so it's gotten longer than it's been in a few years. I also haven't colored it. So I've got this sorta funny looking hair color where the top 4 inches or so are my natural dark blonde and the bottom 6 or so inches are my fake bright blonde. It's less than awesome. But I don't want to color it because I'm sort of really liking my natural dark blonde and I don't want to color that part. Which means I get to just grow it out. Hopefully ombre hair will stay in style for a while, because I'm sort of approaching that. As of me trimming my bangs tonight, there is no fake blonde left in them. This means that when I wear my hair in a ponytail (with the dark blonde bangs and the dark blonde top 4 inches), my hair looks about 2 shades darker than when I wear it down. So that's a fun party trick.

I did laundry today! It had been a good 3+ weeks. The sad part of that is that I have enough clothes to last me that long. The really sad part of that is that I have to get all those clothes home in a month. Thank goodness for Southwest and two free checked bags. While my clothes were in the dryer tonight, I printed 12 journal articles to read for my paper tonight. But the printer was doing this super not-awesome thing where it would print a page and then stop and then print another page and then stop. It did that for a good 100 pages, which was less than ideal considering I still had to read all those pages and then write about them. Oh well. The good news is that David Sedaris has a new book out. I downloaded the audio book for free with my free trial and listened to the first chapter while I folded laundry and put the clean sheets on my bed. David Sedaris is a bloody genius.

Next week is my last week of classes. I'm a little sad about it. Most of them have been super great. And I'm sad to be saying goodbye to my Freshman year. It's been a good one. But before the year is over I've got final papers to write and finals to take, so it've still got a while. Oh! Did I blog about our poetry workshop final reading? It's the culminating point of the semester. All 12 of us will read 4-5 poems. But the awesome thing is that we're having it in the amphitheater. Which, if you've forgotten, is this place.
So I'm super excited about that. It should be gorgeous  Poetry and trees, what more cold I want? I'll post pictures/video/poems when it happens. In the meantime, I'm signing off. 

PS. Here's the insta throwback of the day. Whimzy loves me and the Ukraine. But mostly the Ukraine. #letsbehonest

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