Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dress Like a Pioneer

It was about this time last year that I was struggling to find a graduation dress (though to be fair, those restrictions are impossible, and the one I decided on was definitely too short). I'm going through a similar crisis again now, but this time it's missionary clothes. I'm looking for clothes that someone twice my age would wear. And I'm not especially enjoying it. Have I cried over it? It's possible that happened the first time I went shopping. It was just so overwhelming. I think that learning Russian will be a cinch compared to compiling a missionary closet.

The missionary wardrobe requirements are extremely conservative. Like the John Roberts PLUS Clarence Thomas of clothing. I mean, it's definitely possible to find clothes that meet the modesty requirements, but it requires some serious internet scouring. Knocking out about half the things I find is the fact that Dry Clean Only doesn't really work for a mission. Added complications is the fact that I only have two suitcases for 18 months, so everything has to go with everything. Plus, let's not forget that it's bloody freezing in the Ukraine pretty much all the time, so I have to find winter clothes when all the stores are selling spring and summer clothes. And the final problem is that I have to actually like the clothes. So to say that finding conservative, Ukrainian-weather friendly, machine washable, easy-to-match clothing that I like and that looks good is a downright impossible task is not an overstatement.

I had some wins when I was home. I got a new winter coat and boots for really good deals (hashtag I love sugarhouse outlets). And I got a sweater and two skirts, but I still have a long way to go.The skirts are the biggest battle. I swear, most of the skirts online barely cover the models ass, much less her knees, much less her knees when she's sitting. Seriously though, I understand the modesty thing, but the whole "knee must be covered completely sitting or standing" baffles me. I will never understand what is so sexy about a knee? Can we think of anything less sexy than a knee?

Maybe ankles.

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