Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Second Spring Break

So yesterday, I woke up to snow, which did not make me very happy. What made me even less happy was seeing online that the temperature was 18 degrees in Kiev. So happy spring to me. I'm going to buy a new (warmer) winter coat.

The good news is that second spring break - also known as Hannah skips two and a half days of school to go home, but commonly referred to as second spring break - starts tomorrow! I'm super pumped. It'll be a few days at home to gear up for the rest of the semester. Because one spring break didn't cut it for me. I get home Wednesday night, and I'm taking the Sunday night leaves-at-midnight redeye back to Swat. Which, if you do the math, means I get four whole days at home.

I think that's about right for a second spring break. It'll be nice to be at home and to bake in my own kitchen and go on pioneer mission clothes shopping sprees with Judy and go to breakfast at Ruth's diner with Lorin and do something with Sam. Plus I'll get to visit my favorite Starbucks, and my favorite BYU students, and my favorite mountains and my other favorites at home.

In other news, today Christy and the kids (aka my darling three little cousins) flew into Baltimore to spend the week with Christy's family (because naturally the weekend I come home, they had tickets booked to come out here). So I hopped on a bus to Baltimore to go see them and have dinner. Which was incredibly awesome. I love my family. Lucky me.

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