Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pump Up

I get into I-don't-want-to-do-school funks. It's those weeks when I just want to sleep and read novels and watch movies, but instead I have to go to class and do the readings and write papers. Actually, one of my happiness project goals was to not whine about the privileges I have. Sometimes I get hit in the head with the whole "my parents are paying for me to get this awesome education and I'm whining because I can't skip class without my professor noticing" thing and I just feel so incredibly guilty. So I've been working on being grateful for school and not complaining about the work.

Nevertheless, I have hours/days/weeks when work makes me want to hide under the covers. However, I've found that the best way for me to counteract that is some good old fashioned feminism. I know, it sounds dumb. But it's actually highly motivating. It's my version of pump-up music. I read some essays or articles or books, watch some interviews or documentaries, and I'm all fired up to work and succeed because damnit the fight's not over.

Last week, I was stressed about/not wanting to write these 3 papers I had due this week. (Let's take a moment to celebrate that I've since finished them and am all done with work, hello sping break and hello FLORIDA). So Friday night, before I'd even started writing these papers, I put off work to spend 3 hours watching this new PBS documentary about women in America. It's embarrassing how much it motivated me. I finished it and I was just like Yeah, I can do that! I'm going to write my history research paper and my bio report because I want to succeed because I love feminism. I know, it's not a totally logical train of thought, but it never fails to pump me up. I think it's just seeing these incredible women that literally changed the country and wanting to be like them. Their lives are just so driven towards a goal. I want my life to be like that.

Also, feminism reminds me how much women haven't won. Yes, the world is kinder to women now that it has been, but it's not equal yet. Not by a long shot. I think there's another wave of feminism stirring. And I'm going to be part of it.

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