Friday, March 15, 2013

Magpie Nest

When I was 7 or so, Lorin cut down a large section of the scrub oak in our backyard to make room for one of those fancy treehouse/backyard playthings for me and Sam. It's a cool one, with a tire swing, a slide, monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, a fireman's pole, a zip line, and a good hiding place for eating popsicles in summertime. Anyway. When he cut down the scrub oak, one of the trees had a magpie nest in it. It was intricately woven and incredibly sturdy. But what I remember most about it was the random things that were incorporated into it: a yellow game piece, a popsicle stick, some hairs from our horses's tails. Such random things. Tonight, my brain feels like a magpie's nest. With random things thrown together. Here are some of the things in my nest:

My parents are in Hawaii (because when you're 71 and retired why not send your son to the neighbors for a week and head out) and its funny to be 6 hours time change apart from them. Time change always makes people feel far away. I think because it's the biggest blockade to communication. I went to call them this morning to check on something, but I realized it was still 6am there. Weird. I remember the summer I went to Vienna - at one point I was in Europe and Kat was in Hawaii and we were 12 hours apart. It felt so far.

I'm feeling a little sad that I didn't make it home for spring break. I think I'm going to come home sometime in the next couple weeks. It just feels like I've been gone for a long time. I just want time to hang out with my family at my house. And I wouldn't have to miss that many classes. It can happen. It will happen.

I've been writing and revising poems up the wazoo. One of these days I'll post one. Being in a poetry class has me thinking about language all the time again. It's funny how as soon as I start writing consistently, language becomes a huge part of my world. I notice more the range of words that people use when they speak and that my history textbook uses to explain suffrage and that Bradford uses to describe "savages". It's just incredible to me the infinite ways language works. And it's incredible how beautiful tidbits of language are all over my world. I just have to keep my eye out for them.

Here's one I've been sitting on: "the advantages of having an anus are obvious". My professor gave us that quote in bio lecture. It's from a super fierce female biologist from back before it was okay for women to be scientists. I've been waiting to see if it will spawn a poem. Even if it doesn't, I sort of love it.

I love the rhyme of sunrise and brine flies.

I'm still celebrating the perks of being an English major. I love English. I love that I get to spend undergraduate studying it, but that I can still find ways to eat later in life.

I'm at my friend/roommate's beach house on the Jersey Shore (but the classy part - classy with a K and an I E!). It's just been lovely. There are sea shells all over this beach. And because it's March, it's thick-fleece-on-the-beach weather, which I think might be the best kind of beach weather. And the house has an incredible view of the sea. Oh, the sea. I really love being near it. I forget just how much I love it until I there. When I grow up, I'm going to live near an ocean. The ocean is one of those things that "fills up my bucket" (as Alex would say). Maybe I'll have to live in the Hawaii condo. There are worse things.

Happy clam at the beach

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