Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lazy Weekends

I feel like I have failed at school this week. I really wanted to succeed, but I didn't quite manage to. I did a little work here and there, but I just felt so distracted. I did manage to do a full hour mission prep a day (finished New Testament!), so I felt good about that. Also, I'm taking back my promise not to turn this into a mission blog, because that is all that is on my mind ever. I promise to try to tune it back a little bit though. I'll try not to be horribly obnoxious. K? Deal.

Last night my favorite friend Winnie and I had a sleepover. Winnie's roommate ended up taking this semester off, so Winnie now has a giant single with an extra bed, making it the ideal room for sleepovers. Last year, I think Kat and I had sleepovers more weekends than we didn't (except for that two month period when I was super grounded). It was kinda super fun to have a sleepover again. We even did "final thoughts" and everything. 

Also yesterday, I had a comfort food dinner. I had a little money left over from my Florida trip budget, so we went down to the co-op - aka the close grocery store that is the local version of whole foods - and bought strawberries and crackers and three different kinds of cheese. And that was dinner, which was fabulous, because sometimes you just need to have food like that. Actually, yesterday was all kinds of perfect. It was so perfectly chill. 

On a related note, I'm learning how not to be a vegetarian. It's a bummer, because I really like being vegetarian, and it's not that hard, but Ukraine is not a very vegetarian-friendly country, so I'm gonna have to start eating meat, and the sooner I start the easier it'll get. So far I've managed chicken and turkey. It's not so much that meat tastes that gross, it's just that it's mentally hard to be like "okay, I know what this meat is, and I will eat it anyway." But I'm working on it. I'm shooting for eating meat once a week. Maybe I'll get up to twice a week! Red meat is going to be really hard. I just can't think about it. 

Anyway, study break's over. Back to school work. I'm going to be a better student today. 

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  1. I think there's plenty of cabbage in the Ukraine. (My sister and her husband went there a couple of years ago).