Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Single Life

Fortunately, this is not a post about a breakup. No, this is a post about the glory of my single room. This past semester was the first time in my life I'd had to have a roommate. We did pretty well together, but I'm pretty pleased to have my own room now.

My room is tiny. It's about 75 square feet. Most of that 75 square feet is filled with college-issued furniture. You know, the cheap matching honey-stained wood desk, bookshelf, dresser, and bed. I also have a window, and that's quite pleasant. In the morning I wake up and the window fills the room with light. And I have a closet big enough to fit everything I want to put in there.

On a related note to the closet, a tragedy has occurred. My warmest coat - the Patagonia one - has gotten a tear in the sleeve. So rather than risk losing down, or the tear getting bigger, I sent it off for repairs. Which means I have to sit out the month of February without my coat. Which could be bad. So fingers crossed the weather stays warm.

So I had fun organizing and decorating my single. The wall opposite my bed got all my posters and such. For the wall above my bed, I cut letters out of an old lit mag so it says "There is only one heart in my body, have mercy on me" (because cutting letters out of a lit mag is the cheap way to decorate). The decorations make me happy. 

Having a single has been great. I just love having the privacy of it. I love that I can close my door and study instead of going to the library (though the library is still a valuable place to study). I even love how small it is, because it's quite cozy. It feels manageable. I keep it clean (ish), but it's easy, because everything has it's proper place, and getting it there is quick.

So that's my single. Yesterday, me and my friends went to Restaurant Week at a fondue place. Four courses. We were all dying by the end, but it was such good food. Sometimes you need really good food.

Speaking of food, when we ordered Chinese this week, this was what my fortune cookie said:
It must have known I was from Utah. 

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  1. I like Kurt Vonnegut staring out from above your desk. Prvacy is priceless.

    If you're getting married soon, we'd all like a heads-up.