Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheap Meditation

My hair has reached perfect bun-hair length. I've been growing it out, more out of laziness/ not-trusting-anyone-to-cut-it than out of really wanting long hair. But now that it's growing, I'm kinda liking it and wanting it longer. Anyway, right now it looks not-so-awesome if I let it down without blow drying it. Since most days I'm too lazy to blow dry it, I've become queen of the bun. But it's okay, because my hair is going into a casual bun rather flawlessly. So I'm grateful for that.

I miss baking. Quite a bit actually. It's not like I baked a lot when I was home, but I would every once in a while. Usually, it was when I was sad. I bake when I'm sad. Cupcakes and bread, usually. But sometimes I bake just because. I like baking the same way I like driving. They both occupy just the right amount of your consciousness so that the rest of your mind can wander around. It's like meditating for people who don't have the discipline to do real meditation.

Journal writing is like that too. Not quite as good, but another kind of cheap meditation. Yesterday, I was going through lists of journal prompts, because I've been struggling with writing lately. One of them was "write letters for your loved ones to read after you die". I literally rolled my eyes. What a ridiculously contrived journal prompt. Sure, it works in movies, but besides that, blarg. Maybe it's just that I'm 18 and I have the luxury of not really knowing I'm going to die. Some day, I will know I'm going to die. On that day, I will read King Lear and maybe I'll write those dumb letters. Or maybe I'll sink into a deep depression, because I can't imagine that realizing you're going to die is very pleasant. Or maybe I'll bake.

I think the absence of a kitchen in my life is leaving my Mormon Housewife side is feeling neglected. Who can blame her, really. Maybe that's why I've become so absurdly clean. Because I've gotten really really clean. Everything in my room is put away at all times. Maybe that's my inner Mormon Housewife compensating for the lack of a kitchen.

On a related note, my inner feminist is seriously missing Hillary Clinton. I can't read John Kerry's name without feeling sad. But the fact that almost daily there's some article about Hillary's unstoppable potential for 2016 makes it somewhat easier. Just so we're clear, if she does run in 2016, I am dropping everything I am doing to work on her campaign. That woman is the greatest.

Spring break is two weeks from tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Florida, here I come!

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