Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm hanging around Salt Lake this week. By which I mean I'm going on breakfast/lunch/coffe/dinner dates with people this week. Which is lovely. What's not lovely is the temperature. When the plane landed on Saturday, the pilot announced "it's 14 degrees outside" and I was like that's literally 70 degrees colder than Hawaii. Which sucked. But what sucked even more is that it's continued to be cold. Not mildly cold. IT'S REALLY DAMN COLD. The temperature gage on the car has been in the single digits more often than not. I feel like a priss, but I swear it wasn't this cold last winter. Also contributing to me being cold could be the fact that my winter coat is in Philadelphia and I am not, but I think it's most that it's 5 degrees outside.

In other news, I've recently learned that having a ten-year plan is a thing that people at real non-liberal-arts colleges do (since most of the seniors that I know at Swat don't know what they're doing in June, much less 10 years). There are several things I find amusing about the idea of a ten-year plan. The first and I think most obvious is that no ten-year plan ever works out. There's an awesome This American Life Episode called Plan B that is basically about how no life ever goes according to plan. Another reason that I find ten-year plans strange is that I have no bloody idea where I want to go. There are vague graduate school ideas on the table, but I'm not planning on which kind in any regard. Could go any way. The final reason I ten-year plans boggle my mind is that they would seem to direct a life unnecessarily. I think it's easier to lean into something uncomfortable and unexpected and new if there isn't a ten-year plan it's throwing off. And I think those scary things end up being some of the best things.

The only things on my ten-year plan list are: be moderately to extremely happy and have good hair.

Also, I miss school and am ready to go back. I've had a really fabulously phenomenal break. I mean 3 weeks in Hawaii? Yes. But I miss school. I miss feeling like I'm accomplishing something and growing everyday. I miss independence  It's been wonderful to spend substantial time with my family, but it's also sort of infantalizing. I came home and was like "okay Judy, you can do my laundry" and "Lorin can I borrow your credit card for dinner" and just slipped into the normal roles of our relationship. Which is natural I think, but I'm ready to get back to the world of autonomy. And I really miss my friends. Snapchat just doesn't compensate for living together and ordering Chinese food.

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